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EPTQ - Dermal Filler

  • High Purity Hyaluronic Acid (HA) content for duration and prevention of swelling

  • High Viscoelasticity for maximum lifting - fantastic for Russian Lips. ⠀

  • LESS than 0.1 EU/ml of endotoxin, and NO detection of residual BDDE minimising various side effects that may occur after the procedure

  •  No detection of residual chemical catalyst substance through the complete cross linking process resulting in less complications

  • The same pH and osmotic pressure as the human body resulting in less pain for the client.

  •  Highly cohesive which results in less migration and long lasting effects.⠀

  • Minimized calcification by eliminating the by-product combination reaction, resulting in less nodules

  •  Safety of raw ingredients managed in exclusive lines

  • Homogeneous particle implementation technology for easy moulding

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Anti-Wrinkle Injection Info

Coming Soon

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