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Overcrowded teeth can cause one's smile to look cramped, while gaps can make the teeth appear small. Both conditions can be embarrassing and make an individual self conscious about their smile. Teens and adults alike may postpone fixing their teeth especially if they have already experienced traditional metal braces that are easily noticed and hard to conceal. However, modern orthodontic systems such as lingual braces and clear aligners have made adult braces a more practical solution to crooked smiles.


Invisalign is one of the most well-known clear aligner programs that uses a progressive system of trays to gently reposition the teeth into a straighter, more aesthetically pleasing smile. A visit to an orthodontist will be necessary to determine if your dental concerns can be corrected by Invisalign. Patients with more severe issues who also require jaw realignment may better benefit from a more aggressive orthodontic treatment.

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A 3D scan will be taken of the teeth in order to create a treatment plan. Additional x-rays and images may be taken during your appointment as well. It will take 3-4 weeks to create the first tray. Once the tray arrives, patients will return to the orthodontist's office to ensure proper fit. Trays will be worn for a period of 2 weeks and should only be removed for eating and brushing the teeth. For optimal results, trays should be worn for 20-22 hours daily. Certain Invisalign systems will have a blue indicator dot on the upper back molars that will gradually disappear with wear, easily notifying your provider if you are wearing your Invisalign tray for the required time. After 2 weeks, a new tray will be worn. Trays will be replaced every 2 weeks for the duration of treatment which typically lasts 10-15 months but can be as short as 3 months or as long as 2 years.


The goal of Invisalign is to correct various dental imperfections such as crowding, too much space between teeth, overbite, crossbite, openbite, and overjet.

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