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The needle versus cannula debate is frequently discussed in aesthetic medicine, particularly in regards to safety.
The research has shown that cannulas are less likely to cause a vascular occlusion than needles when injecting filler. 


It is a safer method and using cannulas for certain procedures can be beneficial, for example when injecting a large surface area, however needles are still needed for things like contouring and fine adjustments.


A good aesthetic practitioner should use both and have the appropriate training. It’s important to have good knowledge of both techniques and being able to recognize when one is more beneficial to the patient than the other.

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Some practitioners may be prioritizing cost over safety by choosing to use only needles that come in the box as part of the price, whereas you have to buy cannulas separately, which aren’t cheap.


For me it’s more important to invest in something which is a lower-risk for my patients, rather then save money and create predictable safer result for my clients.




The Covid-19 virus is in the air. With the new UK COVID-19 variant becoming more prominent in the UK, which is more infection than its predecessor, it’s more important than ever to consider clinic air quality.


To reduce the risk of infection from airborne viral particles we need to clean the air. Apart from wearing a mask and ventilating the treatment room, we utilize various procedures that minimize exhalation of viruses. 


Filtration system using HEPA filters is used in our clinic. To illustrate the effectiveness of these filters, the 10-minute conversation generating 6,000 aerosol particles would be reduced to less than two particles with a HEPA filter that’s installed in our portable air filtration system, that’s adding an extra layer of protection.


Ultraviolet light cleaning


The evidence is clear that UV light is an excellent method for deactivating coronaviruses. We use it overnight to help reduce coronaviruses in the air and on surfaces. While the above procedures may not remove viral particles completely, they can reduce the infection dose significantly, which can only be a good thing.

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