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Human beauty in science is based on the divine ratio of proportion. Studies have PROVEN a higher score of attractiveness is scored when faces have the golden ration. The Kylie package is individually tailored to help restore that ratio in YOU and enhance your UNIQUE, natural beauty.

Don’t get too set on what treatments you would like – as they may not be what is needed to restore your facial proportions. Facial proportions are important as they are what defines ‘human beauty’ in science. And are essentially what society would determine as more beautiful. In lay terms – the divine ratio resembles an upside down triangle or a ‘heart shape’. Arguably all of our clients are damn right beautiful before, and after. BUT equally it is still SO important to be open minded in your consultation. As what you think you want may take you further AWAY from the divine ratio of proportion and scientifically make you ‘less attractive’. Not what you came for right?

Face Complexion
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