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Botox injections are commonly used to inhibit muscle movement to prevent wrinkles and fines lines from forming however, the naturally derived toxin can also be used to temporarily chemo-denervate the eccrine glands involved in hyperhidrosis.


Typically, 50-100 units of Botox will be injected into each underarm for treatment. The cumulative dose of botox should not exceed 360 units in a three-month period, as recommended by the FDA. In order to determine the area to be injected, a starch iodine test will be administered to determine the location of the sweat glands. Alternatively, areas may be marked for injection based off of the hair-bearing area. Approximately 40 evenly-distributed injection sites are placed in each underarm, with the injection sites being 8 mm apart.


Once inserted, the syringe will deposit approximately 0.05 mL of the solution subdermally, after which it is withdrawn.


While only FDA approved for treatment of overactive sweat glands in the axilla, it is common for botox to be injected into the palms of the hands and soles of the feet for hyperhidrosis treatment as well.


The goal of botox injections for hyperhidrosis is to decrease or eliminate excessive sweating in the underarms.

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