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Profile balancing restores the harmony of the face from a side profile. Profile rebalancing makes a younger face more beautiful and an older face more youthful. Each individual is different and therefore each individual will receive a bespoke treatment plan tailored to their specific needs.


The areas we will focus our treatment on include 3 the following depending on the individual ;

  • the Upper/Lower lip OR both depending on if the client has an over/underbite

  • The chin if a client has an overbite and the chin sits behind the lower lip

  • The tip of the nose/bridge of the nose

  • Lateral Cheek

The purpose of this procedure is primarily to straighten the nose from the side, giving the illusion that it is smaller and thus, balancing the profile. We can also add product to the tip to project it if it is de-projected or under projected. In some cases it is also possible to slim the appearance of the nose from the front or straighten it.

Please always expect more conservative results with a rhinoplasty. This procedure is inherently high-risk and therefore must be done spaced over two sessions 8-12 weeks apart before it is considered to be complete. This is too ensure maximum safety and minimal risk of complications such as compression, and in extremely rare cases – blindness.

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