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Questions To Ask Yourself When Getting Botox in Twickenham

When you visit Face-Station, we want you to feel comfortable asking any questions you would like to know the answer to. These are just a few of the most common ones to help you get started.

Who will do your procedure?

When you have Botox treatment in Twickenham at Face-Station, you are working with a qualified dental surgeon who has expanded into the area of facial aesthetics. Dr. Cantrell already has 10 years’ worth of expertise working in the area of the face and has now gained even more scope to help patients feel better about themselves and their smiles.

What will you see and feel?

During the procedure, you may feel minor discomfort that comes with injections but nothing that will cause you any difficulty. Botox is administered to certain areas of your face and the number of injections you have depends on how many you have selected. Your practitioner will give you detailed advice on recommended levels, effects and areas that you want to consider treating.

There is no medical treatment that doesn’t carry some risks for a small minority of people. Botox is the same but instances of reported issues are very low and your practitioner will let you know what to look out for. Some people experience minor redness or bruising in the first few days but this is harmless and fades quickly. Very occasionally there can be some unintended drooping of muscles in areas around the treatment site and, again, this will fade and there may be something like eye drops that can be used to alleviate the effects. Check in with your practitioner.

What will the effects be?

The effects will be the smoothing out of lines that appear because of the tensing or movements of muscles in certain areas of the face such as between the eyes, on the forehead and around the mouth. As Botox relaxes the muscles in these areas, these lines will temporarily no longer appear. Some things to note are that Botox does not get rid of permanent lines in the surface of the skin. There are some facial treatments that are more effective for this so, if this is what you want, you can talk to someone at our clinic in Richmond. Botox treatment also needs to be repeated every three to four months to continue enjoying the effects.

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