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Give yourself a lift with non-surgical cosmetic procedures

What do you want to look good for? Maybe you have a party coming up or perhaps a date. Maybe you are giving a presentation at work or attending an important function. Maybe you just want a boost to your overall confidence to see where this takes you. Whatever your needs, having dermal filler treatment in Twickenham at Face-Station can give you a lift and then send you back out into the world ready to take on new challenges.

If you want to have dermal fillers for a special occasion, it is best to book your appointment a week to ten days before the event. Whilst you can sometimes see results straight away, the full effect can take some time to take hold and therefore you will want to leave it a few days before you are hoping to shine. This is particularly true if it is your first time. There is currently no way to predict how each individual will react to dermal fillers. While serious issues are very rare, it is possible to get some swelling or redness which naturally resolves within a few days of treatment. This is perfectly normal but your practitioner will let you know what to look out for in case anything unexpected happens.

Another reason to give yourself time to see how you react to dermal fillers is that, for some people, it can take a couple of tries to get the kind of effect you want. Once you have achieved your rejuvenation, the effect lasts from two to nine months depending on the person and the dermal filler that is used. When you visit Face-Station, Twickenham, dermal filler treatments are offered as part of our range and you may want to look at other facial treatments to combine them with this one for a strong impact.

When you get a dermal filler treatment in Twickenham, you will work with someone who is able to give you advice on blending your cosmetic work with the rest of your face. Alas, dermal fillers do not work everywhere and so there are certain features that will remain natural. The trick to a good procedure is one that is sensitive to this difference, which allows you to enhance where possible and then looks at the face as a whole to check for a seamless appearance.

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